R&L Lines, LLC

R&L Lines, LLC was formed by my father, Robert E. Leonowicz, and I in late December of 2006. We were in pursuit of an affordable track scrubbing car that actually cleaned the track. Dad and I, both being model railroaders, put our heads together and the track scrubbing car from R & L Lines, LLC came to be.We started out with just the O-Gauge Track Scrubbing Car. Then we decided to expand our operation. We created a car for the Standard Gauge and G Scale model railroads.The foundation of our business is structured on a well-made, quality constructed piece of equipment. We pride ourselves in making each car by hand. Our cars are an asset to any model railroader's collection. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Bob Leonowicz, Inventor/Owner

Who is behind the Track Scrubbing Car?




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